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Full Stack Observability is bigger now than it has ever been

Full Stack Observability is bigger now than it has ever been, the need to gain granular visibility into the performance of an environment whether that be at the network layer or application layer is critical to a business’s success and ability to proactively mitigate drops in performance or outages.

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Technimove Penetration Testing

Not all Penetration Tests are equal!

Businesses need to have the data and visibility into current weaknesses and attack vectors that are exposed to malicious intent. Being able to understand the current known vulnerabilities (CVE’s) is critical to hardening your security posture.

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The Science of Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience

Technimove have created the ‘Science of Cyber Security & Cyber Resiliency Periodic Table’ to help enterprises fully understand the threat landscape and assist in providing end to end value that protects businesses and hardens their security posture whilst mitigating risk.

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Advantages of Data Centre Audit

5 Advantages of a Data Centre Audit

Data centres are dynamic environments, equipment is upgraded, moved and reassigned regularly, full transparency into IT and telecommunications infrastructure is critical to ensure IT processes

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