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Is your data centre ready for Hyperscaling?

With a Goliath amount of data circulating virtually throughout Data Centres across the globe due to many online activities such as social media posts, Business CRM Storage, HD / 4K media, it is crucial for businesses to know who to consult on the event on any Hyperscale procedure that may present itself.

Many business CTO’s do tend to procrastinate with a looming up scale event of their data systems with the “If it’s not broken don’t fix it” outlook, only reacting by subsequent storage capacity issues becoming every more frequent.

Technimove have the experience of 20 years working with many SME’s and Large Enterprises to know that this is no small task and getting it right the first time, and how important it is future proofing your Data Centre for several years to come.

Our case studies are testament to Clients reaping the simplicity of data management,  keeping infrastructure costs at an absolute minimum as well as averting risk, keeping the IT Administrators with peace of mind.

“Hyperscale data centres are built around three main concepts”

Hyperscaling is inevitable

Unlike old-school data centre architecture, the Hyperscale model works with hundreds of thousands of individual servers that are made to operate together via a network to meet the growing demands of any expanding data heavy organisation.

Hyperscale data centres are built around three main concepts.

  • Infrastructure and distributed systems that can support hyperscale data centre operations.
  • Scalability for computing tasks to ensure efficient performance based on demand and appropriate.
  • Revenue generation to justify the shift to Hyperscale.

IT Senior Specs

Technimove can provide further elaboration on all of these main concepts tailored towards your business data centre. Planning and deploying expansion is a complex and arduous task, as even the hyperscalers acknowledge.

Our knowledge is honed to see where your business demand reflects the need to replace existing equipment, as well as expansion across many geographies and capacities.