How Digital Transformation Consultants Can Help

How Digital Transformation Consultants Can Help

How Digital Transformation Consultants Can Help

How Digital Transformation Consultants Can Help

If your business is ready to make the jump to the digital world, consider how digital transformation consultants can help you transition.


While you might already know that there are billions of dollars pouring into tech stocks every day, you might not think it has much to do with your business.

Even analogue businesses, including those working in and around the service industry, are finding that tech is changing the way they must do business. With the help of digital transformation consultants, you can make the move to new tech without losing the essence of your business.

Here’s what they do for your business. 

They Can Help Build a Framework

Every digital agency is different and each company will have unique needs when it comes to specific challenges and demands for digital transformation. However, there are enough constant themes and common concerns for digital transformation consultants to see where you need help.

Digital transformation consultants are often focused on customer experience and improving the way that technology can help teams to reach out to clients. They are also there to help improve operational agility. They can improve culture and leadership at your company to ensure that as you streamline your operations, your customers will yield the benefits.

This all happens through building a framework that transforms the way you do business. They’re more interested in changing the way you look at the technology you use than to help you find cool new tools to be more productive. The integration of digital technology should change the way you do business, rather than to just replace one way of doing something with another.

They Help Teams Diagnose Issues

While the technology that a team uses is a big part of digital transformation, what really drives it is looking at processes. Outdated technology makes space fr outdated processes. Rather than just adopting new tech on its own, digital transformation consultants try to find ways to shed those costly maintenance efforts fo legacy systems.

For example, companies in the healthcare industry might still be using older terminals instead of networked devices. Telemedicine is growing with the rise of free web conferencing tools with screen sharing not only for collaboration but also for connecting with patients. When people who are remote from one another can look at the same scans or x-rays, they can make better collective decisions.

Businesses in the finance industry might be married to older machines or outdated ways of doing things. However, especially when it comes to trading, profits can come down to the fraction f sections, which is the difference between millions of dollars.

Rather than being behind your competitors, looking at what issues you’re facing, at the root, rather than at the machine-level, can make a huge difference. With the development of AI and automation, the potential for growth is limitless. 

Consultants Watch For Trends

One of the major advantages that consultants bring is that they look closely at trends in technology. Their entire job is centred around knowing what’s happening next and what technology could change the world of work.

The rapid adoption of digital operating models that are integrated within cross-functional teams is making everyone more agile. With greater connectivity and more overlap, team members can move seamlessly from one project to another, making sure the work moves forward by any means.

With improved AI and machine learning, teams can actually do something with all of the data they collect. They can look for blind spots and even form new digital partnerships, which is a major trend in the world of digital consulting. In order to get ahead of competitors, companies will merge or work together, amplifying one another’s strengths. 

The long-term value of digital initiatives is more visible than ever thanks to the ability to model with data. When your consultants can project what’s going to happen in five or ten years, they set you up for success.

They Show You How to Measure ROI

Every team wants to know that they’re getting their money’s worth when it comes to the work of digital transformation. Beyond just implementing the technology and training their team, they want to look at their own personal KPIs and see where that tech is making a difference. The best digital transformation consultants will do the work to show you how to measure.

They’ll start by showing where you’re taking risks and where you should be a little more careful. 

Rather than looking at your work from simply the level of the project, consider looking at your entire portfolio. Overall performance and a holistic view of how your team functions are the best way to understand how well your digital transformation is growing. While you might have implemented some changes for a specific project, the changes that you make won’t be worthwhile unless they pay long-term dividends.

You shouldn’t be retraining people with every new project.

Next, you need to ensure that your digital transformation metrics line up with best practices in your industry. You should be learning with every new change and making adjustments along the way. Checking on the strategic impact, like revenue growth, along with efficiencies and cost from the standpoint of industry specifics is a must.

Along the way, setting up micro-metrics can set your week-to-week or month-to-month goals to ensure you’re on the right path. 

Digital Transformation Consultants Skyrocket Profits

One of the reasons that so many of your competitors are hiring digital transformation consultants is that they sending profits through the roof. By not only selling you on technology but teaching you how to think differently, your business can grow further than you’d ever imagined.

To learn more about how to approach digital transformation in your business, check out our guide



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