Technimove Opens its EU Office In Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Technimove Opens its EU Office In Dublin, Republic of Ireland, with a focus on serving their clients with a “localised” approach the way they have done for the past 24 years.
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Dublin, Ireland: IT Services and Digital Transformation specialists Technimove are proud to announce the opening of our new EU office, in Dublin, Republic of Ireland.

Founded in 1998, Technimove has an impeccable reputation for providing IT support services to thousands of companies around the world and have an enviable clientele of world-leading organisations such as Cisco, Citrix, HPE and IBM to name a few.

Having a presence now in the re-shaped EU, enables Technimove to continue serving our clients with our  “localised” approach, the way we have done for the past 24 years.

The addition of our latest office in Dublin, is an essential part of our growth strategy to serve all of Europe, and helps us move closer to our mission to offer world leading technology services to our clients, locally.

“As an organization, we have seen, first hand, the significant challenges our clients have faced since Brexit, navigating the new rules and regulations. For many of them, this has had an adverse effect on their ability to deliver critical services. 

Technimove’s presence in the EU, now enables us to offer the same level of service in the EU, that we were, pre-Brexit”

– Ochea Ikpa, CEO of Technimove 

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