Six months of charitable giving, six, and many more to go.

People, Passion and Purpose are the core values of Technimove, so caring is built into the ethos of the organisation.
6 Months of giving

At the beginning of 2022, we asked our employees and customers about how we, as an organisation can support social change and the message was loud and clear. A culture of giving is what was needed, something that was not connected to giving for the sake of giving but rather for the sake of seeing the change we desire.

People, Passion and Purpose are the core values of Technimove, so caring is built into the ethos of the organisation. Our purpose has been to deliver transformation to our clients, and we carry the same ethos when it comes to our responsibilities to society at large.

An organisation does not operate in isolation. It is part of the community, a tribe out to achieve a common goal. Our employees, customers and partners want us to be a part of something greater than just doing business. Equally, COVID and the resulting lockdown have amplified our desire to build a more caring and equitable society. As an employer, partner, and service provider we wanted to do more.

Our employees want to be involved in the process of giving, selecting charities that mean something to them and to which they had a personal connection. Our employees and partners wanted to be involved in highlighting the causes they believed in, and as a company with “people” being a core value, we wanted to be enablers of such positive endeavours.

We received a substantial list of worthy charities, and subsequently chose 12 very inspiring ones we wanted to work with. One charity a month for the whole year.

So halfway through the year here is our progress report. We have worked with the following 6 charities, and there are 6 more to go.

  1. January: Great Ormond Street Hospital 
  2. February: UK Homes for Heroes
  3. March:  Women’s Aid
  4. April: Creative Youth
  5. May: Sickle Cell  & Young Strokes Survivors 
  6. June: Alzheimer’s Society 

We hope, no matter how small a change, our efforts do have a positive impact on these charities, and that we pick more to work with in the future.

Do you or your organisation similarly work with charities? If so, do comment and share with us the information about those charities. The team here at Technimove would like to know more about them, we may even lend our support or highlight it to our employee and partner networks.

As we emerge stronger from a pandemic, let us aspire to keep evolving emotionally and support the people and individuals around us to make the world a more equitable and compassionate place, both as individuals and as a collective.

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