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How do we convey to our clients that we are a digital transformation company? How do we make them understand the value we hold and what drives us? These were the questions before us at the management meeting, triggered by various clients asking us why do we think we are different from the rest in our Industry?


Which got us thinking, how do we quantify our core values…? are organizational values something that we aspire for? or are they attributes we pick up as a group, that have evolved? OR maybe they are just values that some leadership team members come up with, which we will then add onto a cheesy poster, taped to a wall or see as a tagline that we will use in all our recruitment drives!

 As the marketing manager, I was apprehensive about values being imposed on the organisation by a leadership team, than the team collectively coming to a set of values that leadership will codify!

 These values could not be what we aspire for, people and companies aspire for many things, whether they have the passion, people or drive to live those values are what matters.

After many rounds of discussions and a lot of cups of coffee, we collectively concluded that core values are the very best qualities of our team, which we can all relate to, agree, and exhibit collectively and individually. “Like a motto that can be used to make better decisions, hire better people, and pass on the culture of our business to future employees,  it also helps us communicate effectively to clients what makes us better than the rest”

When we asked our staff to define what personal, professional or organizational values they think we espouse, we found many of them gravitate to words such as purpose, focus, commitment, team, team player, service, excellence, and focus, passion.


A standout value that everyone gravitated toward was people, It is understandable that as a digital transformation and professional services company, it was our people who drive this transformation for our clients. From migrating a server to optimising a client’s security posture, we were working for people, helping people solve a problem, an issue or achieve a project.


We deliver our services through project management principles, so beginning with the end in mind helps us align and fine-tune our purpose in every task and every project we deliver. And we know our 5000+ customers chose us because of the passion our team members display, as that was the one stand-out word in most of our reviews.


While we do not have a “start-up” office environment, with a beer fridge or weekly pizzas for our colleagues, we invest in them, we help them define and achieve a professional development plan, help them broaden their skills, and encourage and aid the causes they believe in and work with them to ensure there is a work-life balance that is beneficial to them as an individual and us as a collective.


Over the years we have realised that we are a unique group, a tribe, a team,  #TeamTechnimove if we may, and the common attribute in all the employees, present and past were these 3 core values, purpose, people and passion among many others.


Every day we want to deliver digital transformation for our clients, help them achieve outcomes they aspire for, and it is our team of diverse, talented individuals and their passion that has made it possible for us to be able to do this for over two decades.


We speak 12 Languages, represent 10 nationalities, have offices in 3 continents, we support 12 charities, but we are one team, who share these 3 core values.


We are passionate about the work we do, committing ourselves to provide the highest standards of service to our clients, on all projects, large or small.


We value our People and enthusiastically encourage personal and professional development; this ensures our team members are happy and successful. We trust our people to do the right thing.


We have one purpose, to deliver world-class IT solutions to our clients, providing practical solutions to even the most complex of problems.


And yes, we had a townhall meeting where we presented these values, we let our colleagues give us feedback, discussed and agreed that these values do indeed represent us and guide us as a collective to move in the direction we aspire for.


So we codified our values, printed these and hung them up on our walls, we use them in our brochures and talk about them in our interviews, or sales pitches, not because we have to, but because we want to.


Identifying, defining and communicating our core values was an insightful exercise, we realised that “Values are not created, they’re uncovered. Like carving a sculpture from a block of stone, we are not creating it, we are just uncovering it by removing everything that’s not the sculpture.” 


So, talk to us, if you want to know more about or join the #Technimovement.

Call us now to know more about our Digital Transformation solutions and to speak with a Subject Matter expert.

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Akshay Raj

Akshay Raj

Marketing Manager

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