CarbonBlack : Endpoint Detection Response that augments existing security tools

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Technimove had created the ‘Science of Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience Periodic Table’ to help enterprises fully understand the threat landscape and assist them in providing end to end value that protects businesses and hardens their security posture whilst mitigating risk. This content covered everything from the technologies that can be deployed, the major cyber security frameworks, governance & best practice, typical types of attack, DevSecOps & resilience.

Cyber Security consists of technologies such as; Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Phishing Defence, Endpoint Detection Response (EDR), Threat Detection, Identity Access Management (IAM), Privileged Access Management (PAM), Threat Intelligence, User Entity Behaviour Analysis (UEBA), Network Access Control (NAC), Security Incident Event Management (SIEM), Micro-Segmentation and so much more. Defence in Depth is the industry term for taking a layered technology approach to cyber security, but the foundational principles of security are built on people, processes & policies. To undertake a complete end to end approach to hardening a business’s security posture, we must also take into consideration, governance, compliance, controls and cyber security framework controls and approaches.

Number 4 & 5 on our periodic table covers Endpoint Detection & Response, and Managed Detection & Response. Carbon Black owned by VMware were the pioneers of EDR in 2015 and have continued to deliver a truly API driven security platform that allows Carbon Black to dynamically augment existing security tools (SIEM / SOAR / Threat Analytics).

We will be holding a sales workshop for customers so we can present how Carbon Black delivers intelligent security that can be managed internally or full outsourced which removes the overhead on security analysts. Tools like EDR and SIEM drive huge amounts of intelligent telemetry at security teams and if you don’t have the security analysts to interpret the logs and tripwires, the IT team will get flooded with alerts that they can’t act upon or remediate, this is when Managed Detection & Response comes in.

To download ‘The Science Behind Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience’ PDF please visit our blog.

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Andy Ramgobin

Andy Ramgobin

Principal Technology Evangelist

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