Technimove’s 25th Anniversary

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There is an undercurrent of excitement today at Technimove, 25th Anniversaries are a big deal for companies to celebrate as they show consistent growth and scale over the years.

The company, which was founded in 1996, has grown from a small IT relocation and Data Centre Migration business to a Global transformation services provider, offering a range of services from cloud migrations and data centre relocations to enterprise security and managed IT services.

Their journey was inspiring and challenging, driven by their 3 core values, People, Purpose and Passion displayed eminently across their offices as a constant reminder of what matters most to them.

From employees to partners and even clients Technimove strongly believes in empowering each of these stakeholders, the passion for delivering technology transformation is what binds all their stakeholders and they have 5000+ clients across the public and private sectors and 5 global offices that seem to suggest that they have found their purpose in the Technology Transformation Landscape

Celebrating their 25th anniversary with select partners and clients, CEO of Technimove Ochea Ikpa said “ Today I smile, with the same excitement I had 25 years ago when I started Technimove. I cannot believe it has been 25 Years of moving forward and onwards, growing and learning as we complete each project, crunch another mile and move towards the next milestone.

I am thankful to all our colleagues, clients and partners who have been part of the Technimovement. Our passion to deliver and exceed customer expectations has just grown over the years and we continue to fulfil our purpose of delivering Technology Transformation to all our clients.

So here is to 25 years of learning, growing, excelling, adapting and delivering digital transformation and planning for the next 25 years of this amazing journey”.

Ochea Ikpa – for and on behalf of Team Technimove.

Key Milestones In The Last 25 Years.

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This year Technimove aims to further consolidate its position in the cloud, security and managed services space while expanding its operations in new newer geographies and onboarding new technology solution partners. With new offices in Dublin, Ireland and Johannesburg, South Africa becoming operational we aim to provide on-demand resources for our clients for select services and technology consulting practices.

To Know more about Technimove, its solutions or Partner Ecosystem or for Media Enquiries or Marketing contacts please Call us now. 


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Akshay Raj

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