Our ADISA 8.0 Certification Journey

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The team here at Technimove are very proud to have achieved ADISA Standard 8.0 Certification to merit level, but what is ADISA, why does this certification matter and what does it mean to be ADISA certified?

ADISA are an independent accreditation scheme body within the data protection and information security sector, it was Established in 2010. ADISA provides a framework by which companies that offer IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) services can become certified to an international standard for the protocols, systems and security.

Once audited to ensure the correct protocols and systems are in place for proper data security and WEEE recycling, a company can receive a pass, merit or distinction grade certification.

Why is this certification important?

Throughout the UK there are thousands of companies offering one or the other variation of IT Asset Disposal services. But how secure are their processes and what systems do they have in place? Is data security at risk? Will the Data be correctly handled? These are questions that need to be answered, which is what the ADISA certification tries to address.

So it is important that companies that do provide these services have systems, processes and protocols that are aligned with the industry standard. This will ensure that the end client can be assured that they will not have to face possible data breaches and fines. Recently there have been some high-profile data breaches caused by poor-quality ITAD services resulting in millions lost in damages and lawsuits.

What is unique about the 8.0 level certification?

ADISA has recently updated their standard 7.0 to standard 8.0 as they are now endorsed by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and are now UKAS accredited. It currently is the highest certification possible for an IT Asset Disposal service.

The standard has been approved by the ICO (Information Commissioners Office), and the UK Accreditation Service (UKAS). And this would be a good indicator that the certified company has stringent GDPR compliance.

Data Impact Assurance Level (DIAL) Rating, The new feature introduced in the current certification standard.

In the new ADISA 8.0 Standard the Data Impact Assurance Level, also known as the DIAL rating is provided. DIAL ratings apply to the whole lifecycle of the ITAD process, it determines the precise security requirements that must be met throughout the ITAD process of collection, handling and final destruction of clients’ data.

What were the challenges we faced in getting this implemented?

Our Head of Finance & Administration Tony Barrett and his team built upon our previous ADISA certification, revising our current standards, engaging with internal & external stakeholders and implementing the new processes, protocols and systems in place to help us achieve this certification level.

Tony says, “Since Technimove has been an ITAD leader in our space. We have the utmost focus on data protection and compliance when it comes to our ITAD services, this was something we were ready for naturally”

How does this impact our clients or us as an organisation?

The UK National Cyber Security Centre recommends using an ADISA-accredited ITAD service provider on their published guidance on data sanitisation.

So our clients can relax, being assured that the IT assets they have disposed of can never be a security concern and will be processed to international standards.

We as an organisation benefit from the improved processes and protocols which makes us, a cyber security solutions provider happy knowing we can ensure we have helped our client harden their security posture across the lifecycle of their IT assets.

If you want to know more about our IT asset disposal services visit our dedicated services page here:


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