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The Challenge

Our Partner Interoute is the operator of one of Europe’s largest network and global cloud services platform, which encompasses over 70,000 km of lit fibre, 15 data centres, 17 Virtual Data Centres and 33 colocation centres, with connections to 195 additional partner Data Centres.

The end user, London Systems, specialise in providing complete managed IT services and Cloud based IT Solutions and required,




  • 11 devices to be physically migrated


  • A pre-cable was not needed due to most of the cables being dedicated, i.e. SAS and dedicated RJ45 connections


  • 4 new switches were to be pre-installed at the destination to which Technimove patched the new fibre/copper connections as per the patching schedule

The Solution

Planning and Project Management

Our migration methodology is designed to focus on minimizing downtime, reducing risks and guaranteeing the efficient delivery of server migration projects. A key element of this process is ensuring that your project manager has prepared for the challenges and utilized the available resources in the most effective way.

The Migration

On the day of the migration, Technimove engineers arrived onsite 30 minutes prior to the start of the migration to sign in and prepare packaging material.

Once onsite, the team met with both the lead representatives from Interoute and London Systems and were shown to the racks where the devices were. Technimove then began to systematically Decommission, De-rack and wrap in anti-static bubble wrap for protection, before being placed into purpose built, foam lined, server flight cases.

Once the flight cases were secured in the pre-fuelled GPS tracked Mercedes sprinter, Technimove traveled directly to the destination site via the safest and shortest pre-planned route.

Once at the destination, Technimove unpacked the devices and installed in line with the destination rack plans. Once racked, devices were recommissioned in line with the patching schedules.

Technimove undertook final sanity checks before handing the equipment back over the client for the testing to commence ahead of schedule.

The Result

Cassetta Scott, Senior Project Manager of Interoute said she was impressed with how efficient the team were when Decommissioning the devices.

Scott Boucher, Director of London Systems said he was very happy with the result. The team onsite managed to finish an hour ahead of schedule, enabling London Systems team to get started with the power on and testing ahead of schedule.

There are 2 migrations in the pipeline for Interoute this year and 1 migration for London Systems also, to which both clients said they will look forward be using Technimove again.

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