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Business Readiness Consulting

Today’s business environment has become hyper-competitive and to keep up you will have already defined your Digital Transformation Strategy and Cloud First approach. How do you convert that into reality? How can you ensure its success?

Transforming the entire operations of your business is extremely complex, potentially expensive and presents significant risk. Without the right guidance and experience it is all too easy to focus purely on the technology adoption to drive the successful implementation of your Digital Transformation Strategy and overlook the impact the changes will have on the rest of the organisation such as commercial, financial, operational and end user requirements. The result is high implementation costs, project deadlines missed and an inability to see a return on investment.

Technimove provides you with the knowledge and direction necessary to deliver your business strategy and lead the transformation. We develop practical solutions to overcome complex problems encompassing people, process and technology.

Areas Covered

• Business/IT strategy
o Current and required services
o High level business requirements
• Current and future requirements of key stakeholders
o Financial considerations
o Current commercial arrangements
o Operational delivery
o Security compliance
• Current Technical Solution
o IT Road Mapping

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Case Studies

At Technimove our aim is to always go above and beyond for all of our clients. Take a look at some of our client stories by following the link to our case studies below

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