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Data Centre Auditing

Just as a successful business naturally grows and expands, so do the IT services that it relies upon. Unfortunately, this growth does not always take place in a straightforward manner and, over time, additional Data Centre or server upgrades tend to take place in a piecemeal manner. This could potentially compromise the supporting environment and hardware services by creating points of failure.

Technimove’s experienced team can assist in auditing your current Data Centre.

Part of the task of managing a Data Centre or group of servers, and keeping your IT infrastructure operational, is understanding precisely what you are running. This is not as simple as it may sound.

With the realities of maintaining business-critical systems, it can, in fact, be surprisingly complex. Systems may have been changed or replaced “temporarily” and these changes can easily be overlooked or forgotten in the longer term. Additionally, systems can be fixed in imperfect ways to minimise operational downtime, making maintenance and future repairs much more difficult.

To have a complete understanding, ranging from which spare parts you need to buy to which driver you need to download to get your server up and running again, you need to know exactly what systems you are running. This is best achieved by keeping an up-to-date Data Centre audit report.

At Technimove, we are experts in Data Centre auditing and management. Our specialist team of auditors and consultants will analyse the environment and hardware of your Data Centres, highlighting points of failure and any potentially damaging risks. All of this key information can be compiled into one detailed report, which will also include professional recommendations for moving forward.

The task of auditing even a fairly small server room is not an easy one, and it is highly unlikely that your IT teams can afford to regularly spend hours or days away from their business-critical duties to comply with the rigours of a Data Centre audit programme. Technimove understands the operational challenges that both IT departments and Data Centres face, and has developed a team that is highly skilled and experienced in auditing IT. We provide this essential service to a wide range of clients.

Regardless of the size of audit you require – be it a single server room, a full Data Centre or even a cable audit – Technimove’s audit teams are trained to capture all key information as part of our standard process. Our approach allows us to provide your IT team with up-to-date information on critical systems and infrastructure, empowering them to minimise risk, downtime and delays.

A Technimove audit is part of our best-practice approach to migrations, therefore we audit the environment of Data Centres several weeks before any planned migration. When the audit is complete, we can confirm that all devices that are within scope for a project and what connections are needed to be replicated in the new environment, thus minimising risk and downtime.

The list below shows what you can expect in a report on Data Centre auditing, infrastructure cataloguing and risk reviewing:

– Introduction, including objectives

– Management summary

– List of premises

– Security and access control overview

– UPS, generators and other electrical systems – analysis

– Mechanical and cooling systems – analysis

– Data connectivity

– Findings of Data Centre audit, including risk review

– Key recommendations

Every organisation is different and has slightly different requirements, and we will tailor our Data Centre audit services to meet your individual needs. All Data Centre audits include an analysis of the condition of a facility, reviewing risks and identifying potential security issues as well as any points of failure, for example within the power and cooling systems or hot and cold spots in electrical and mechanical systems.

Our Data Centre audit report will highlight any possible weaknesses in Data Centre electrical and mechanical infrastructures, allowing you to avoid costly service outages in the future or any unplanned downtime to your IT services that could affect your own service delivery. By documenting the audit findings in a professional and readable detailed report, you can easily review, communicate recommendations and work towards making improvements to mitigate potential future risks.

In carrying out an audit in an operational Data Centre, it is obviously critical to be able to work flexibly around the constraints of the business. Technimove’s audit team will work out of hours, when necessary, to keep any disruption and disturbance to a minimum.

Asset management and audits for a Data Centre are fundamental requirements, but these can be notoriously difficult to achieve when remaining focused on supporting a busy customer-centered environment, not to mention the potential business risks associated with this sort of intrusive work.

Data Centre infrastructure management (DCIM) programmes are playing an increasingly important role in the day-to-day operations of a Data Centre. The need for complete accuracy is vitally important if the time and effort put into the task is to be worthwhile.

Technimove’s expert team can use their experience to cut through the complexities at every stage of the audit process on your behalf, providing the accurate and professional documentation you need, allowing you to focus on “business as usual”.




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