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Environment Cabling

Environment cabling has several key benefits. As a critical element of our end-to-end strategy, we understand the importance of a well-designed cabling structure as the foundation of a successful migration project.


Our migration methodology is designed to focus on minimising downtime against the project at all stages. By carefully planning an efficient pre-cabling process, we ensure your server move is on course to achieving this objective from day one.

Ahead of a migration, our engineers will pre-cable the target environment, installing copper and fibre cables from the top of rack switches and patch panels, including network cable management.

Patch cable management can make or break a project when it comes to business-critical systems. So when it comes to environment cabling we supply cables in custom colours and lengths to best suit your specific requirements, whilst also negating excessive cable management. We understand the frustration of an untidy cabinet and that IT personnel should not be spending valuable time tidying cables. We will ensure your environment is left clean, tidy and organised throughout your project.

Completing the pre-cabling activity is crucial to the success of the project as it reduces the risk of costly delays and unnecessary downtime. Our expert input at this stage of the moving process is fundamental in ensuring that these potential setbacks are avoided ahead of the migration.

Installations and Environment Re-Cabling

Technimove also offers stand-alone environment re-cabling solutions. With increasing demands on IT teams to maintain systems, replace ageing systems and install new software, it is easy to neglect your server room cabling. If this happens to your business, you can call upon Technimove specialists to help you with your environment cabling problems and help you to keep your server room cables tidy in future.

Our environment cabling services are designed to allow your IT team to focus on other areas of your business by ensuring that they do not spend their valuable time tidying cables! We’ll patch your servers using best practice and take care of your server cable management needs.

This activity is completed by undertaking a physical audit and cable trace of the environment, documenting all critical information. Utilising the data gathered during the audit, the environment is then re-cabled to our market-leading standards or in line with requirements set by the client. Cables installed are labelled top and tail and are managed to aid airflow, cooling and resilience.

Our environment cabling services are incredibly important to the continuity and success of the projects we work on. Technimove clients can leave the environment cabling to experts, safe in the knowledge that their server room cabling will be fit for purpose and fully optimised.

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