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IT Relocation

When planning an office relocation, one of the most complicated and important elements is knowing how to deal with relocating your IT equipment. Relocating IT to new office premises requires meticulous planning and strategic project management processes. Your team needs to know where all the computers, printers, network cables and servers will be positioned.

It may be tempting (especially from a cost point of view) to organise the move using in-house resources. However, doing it yourself can tie you up during a critical time for your IT team. Equally, your IT support staff may not be available if a major IT issue occurs at work. Your alternative may be to choose a generalist relocation company but they may not have the equipment to hand to properly care for your IT equipment or the systems to relocate some of your most business-critical equipment at such an important time for you, your employees and your business.

Technimove has successfully overseen office IT migrations for decades, including significant relocation projects for household names like EDF, Virgin and VISA. We are dedicated to offering an exceptional service, using experienced office IT relocation project managers to ensure a smooth and secure transition to your new premises.

Our experts know all the potential pitfalls and how to avoid them, and we will outline these for you as part of a bespoke and detailed project plan. When it comes to IT relocation, we know that an efficient, effective planning process is vital to all organisations – and that costs and timescales should not be under-estimated.

Technimove’s aim when moving clients’ offices is to keep “downtime” to a minimum as we understand how costly a relatively low % of downtime can be to your business.

Generally, we will log your employees off on the Friday evening and log in as a guest on the Saturday to carry out full tests. The user will then log back in on Monday morning as though they had never moved. All devices such as printers and copiers should also be operational at that point, in line with the step-by-step process outlined in your Technimove IT relocation project plan.

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