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Technimove Transition Platform

Our Technimove Transition Platform (TTP) allows clients’ critical services and applications to remain available and online 24/7/365. A utility-based private cloud platform provides infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) during Data Centre transformations or server migrations with guaranteed UK data residency. Technimove offers bespoke cloud solutions that are tailored to ensure service availability, uptime and uninterrupted business operations.

TTP provides utility-based cloud computing using industry-leading technologies and includes VMware, Zerto, Commvault, Trend and Lumension. The TTP cloud offers real-time replication, disaster recovery and business continuity, with built-in antivirus and patching capabilities.

Technimove’s business strategy is built around our transition platform and offers guaranteed UK data residency with high availability due to SLAs of 99.999%. The platform has been especially designed to ensure that companies can continue to operate their business-critical systems during the migration process.

Technimove customers can take full advantage of operational readiness, service availability, software licensing and the commercial agility to back up, move or migrate servers, services and applications using existing management console controls that give them full control of any migration requirements.

By utilising TTP, the risk and impact to existing business operations are reduced or eliminated completely through recognised industry-leading approaches and technology, allowing Technimove to offer you and your company complete peace of mind.

Core services include:

  • De-risk & Mitigation Of Data Centre & Server Relocations
  • Cloud-Based Utility Computing – vCPU, GB RAM, SSD and HDD
  • Rightsizing Of Virtual Server Requirements
  • Built-In Backup, Antivirus & Patching Capability
  • Cloud-Based Backup As A Service Functionality
  • Dual Tier-3 Data Centre Replication Options
  • VMware-Based Technology
  • Self-Service Replication From VMware Console And Zerto Interfaces
  • 999% IaaS Availability SLA

At Technimove we understand the technology behind the business systems you use every day. Our technical specialists, project management team and clients have worked together to ensure that the platform provides everything you need to ensure the safe, smooth and simple transition from one server to another during your migration process.

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