Installation – Case Study

The Appointment Group (TAG) – Installation – Case Study

The Challenge

The Appointment Group are an award-winning travel and event management company with offices across the UK, US and Asia Pacific. They provide dedicated professional services 24/7 across these sites and understand that their IT also needs to be operational at all times.

With the Head Office having to provide these services, it was agreed that the client would need to provide a new power back-up solution in case of any power failures. After a detailed survey was carried out, Technimove were able to provide a solution based on the client’s 24/7 power request.

The DC located on the second floor supported all of IT hardware including Telco kit, Servers, Storage and all user data ports across the offices, including an end-of-life UPS system. The UPS was providing the back-up power across all 4 racks, with a runtime of approx. 30mins.

The Solution

Technimove attended site to carry out a deep discovery survey of the current environment of the building, car park and DC room. The team created a bespoke proposal and specification of the units required, capturing the comprehensive scope of works, including a detailed breakdown of tasks and timescales.

The project scope included:

• Installation of new 12Kva Single Phase SDMO generator
• Installation of new Automatic Transfer Switch
• Running of 3 and 2 cores SWA (Steel Wired Armoured) cabling
• Build and install new metal trunking to house the SWA cables across the carpark
• Install new parking pole in front of generator
• Removal of redundant 10Kva UPS and batteries
• Installation of new APC 10Kva UPS and 2 battery strings
• Commissioning and living up of all power, with generator load tests
• Maintenance Support providing 24/7 6-hour response on the generator

Before - After


Technimove Input

The Technimove Project Manager was engaged throughout the entirety of the project as the client’s single point of contact for escalations, keeping in constant communication via e-mail and site visits. The Technimove PM worked closely with suppliers on timeframes, planning outages and change windows, during the power shutdowns.

Technimove undertook final checks before handing the equipment back to the client for the customer’s technical, business unit and end-user testing to commence.

The Result

The final solution was a DC with back-up power via a generator providing up to 13 hours of run time, and a 10Kva UPS system. With the automatic bypass switch, monitoring the power into the DC, and able to automatically switch over to generator power encase of failure, leaving the UPS to run the load until the generator can support the full IT load.

With a change of scope during the project, where the landlord building manager requested all SWA power cables to be contained with metal trunking at arms-reach. This was accomplished and signed off prior to further works continuing.

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