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Cyber Security Services

In today’s technology-driven world, cyberattacks are far more common. Hackers and bots relentlessly test your security to gain access to your sensitive data.

In the last year zero-day vulnerabilities increased by 125%, ransomware attacks have doubled and spear phishing campaigns targeting employees increased by 55%.

Our cyber service starts with an assessment that will identify exploitable vulnerabilities, risks, security issues and advise on how to remediate problems and mitigate your risks.

We benchmark your security architecture to leading security practices and provide you with a detailed report which highlights points of vulnerability and mitigatory measures in order of priority.

Once your requirements are understood, we provide a range of proactive services designed from the ground up to help you achieve a greater level of security throughout your environment.

We work with your teams to continually assess your security posture and improve process, strategy, and internal policies across associated technologies and platforms.

Security Audit
Get a clear picture of your security landscape, pinpoint weaknesses and gaps in your infrastructure. Test to see if your cyber-security safeguards are effective and working, the audit will cover:

  • Router and Firewall
  • Antivirus and endpoint security
  • User account security
  • Remote access
  • Wi-Fi security
  • Endpoint and server patching
  • Email and collaboration tools security
  • Cloud application security

Cyber Essentials Compliance

Cyber Essential Compliant service covers the initial audit, remedial actions and certification through a range of internal and external, independently audited, tests.

Aimed to cover points of failure from people, processes and the technology perspective.

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