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Blog Image The Fortinet Security Fabric - Powered by FortiOS

The Fortinet Security Fabric – Powered by FortiOS

After recently completing the ‘Periodic Table for Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience’, I wanted to follow up with a piece of content that can help SME’s and Enterprises understand the power of the ‘Fortinet Security Fabric’. I started my career in IT 12 years ago working for a small but visionary sub 1m turnover security MSP called Xperta, they offered managed firewalls, email security, continuous data protection and VPLS services (MPLS was just starting to get noticed). In 2010 the landscape of cyber security looked very different, if I had tried to document 120x elements covered in our periodic table, I would have struggled. Fortinet, Palo Alto, Checkpoint & Juniper were not in the positions they are today, in fact, it was SonicWall that were known for the next generation firewall as they were pioneers of Deep Packet Inspection at that time………

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The ‘New Normal’ Service will be resumed shortly Blog Header Image

The ‘New Normal’ Service will be resumed shortly…!

One of the key features of an agile working environment is this ability to enable people to work where they work best, meaning standard performance metrics don’t work in the classic sense. An organisations’ ability to respond to business needs and external forces is paramount in the post-COVID-19 business landscape………

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Post Pandemic Technology Trends – A look into the crystal ball Blog header image

Post Pandemic Technology Trends – A look into the crystal ball.

Today as we stand, the phrase “post-pandemic” may sound a bit premature considering all the variants that are coming up, However, people are getting vaccinated against the coronavirus and the world is slowly starting to reopen.

For businesses and consumers alike, these new developments mean making adjustments to they way they access, operate and utilise digital content, channels and technologies……..

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Down The Tech Rabbit Hole - blog by Abdulahi Hussein

 Down The Tech Rabbit Hole: A Sales Apprentice’s Journey in Technimove

How it began! Like all modern stories, this journey of mine began with an email.

About 30 days ago I heard an incoming mail ping on my PC, it was my Gmail, I clicked on it and saw an email with the subject line `Technimove Offer`, and I was ecstatic. You know, the kind of feeling after a tense interview with a company you like and a role that you think will help you scale into a role you imagine seeing yourself in, yes that kind!……..

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Advantages of Data Centre Audit

5 Advantages of a Data Center Audit

Data centres are dynamic environments, equipment is upgraded, moved and reassigned regularly, full transparency into IT and telecommunications infrastructure is critical to ensure IT processes run smoothly.

To gain this complete transparency, organisations must first gain control of their IT assets whether owned, leased, or cloud-enabled. Identifying and visualising usage of data centre assets is fundamental for the life cycle management of those assets……..

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Data Center Migrations – 7 Best Practices 

When planning and implementing a Data Center migration, businesses must understand the impact of having their technology services shut down, and then physically or virtually moved to a new location. By understanding the concerns and the risks associated with a prolonged outage it is possible to plan a seamless migration that addresses all the risks and criticalities involved…….

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The Science of Cyber Security & Cyber Resilience

With attackers using more sophisticated techniques to compromise attack vectors, technology giants are now focused on reducing the attack surface and bolstering defences. There are so many different things that enterprises need to be educated on as C Level executives are governed by GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) yet the architects, engineers and service desk are tasked with keeping systems secure and available…….

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Brexit Data Centre Migration

Data Centre Migration and the Brexit challenge, tips for frictionless migration in the EU

Having held the post of “Administration Professional”, throughout my 13-year career span at Technimove, I would have told you that I pretty much knew everything I needed to know about International Relocations, the processes, the procedures ae well as the logistics involved. However, on the 1st January 2021, Brexit hit the UK harder than anyone would have expected. It wasn’t so much about how Britain acted, but more how Europe reacted……

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Keep Britain Tidy Blog header image

Keep Britain Tidy

A ghastly horde of copper draped across a multitude of cabinets. A 10 metre cable when 2 metres would suffice. Fibre cabling hanging at right angles. Does this sound familiar? If so, you are certainly not alone. It is a common practice to patch cables in a frenzied, chaotic fashion to ensure that critical equipment is up and running as quickly as possible. The tendency to do this is understandable, after all, time is money. Maintaining an efficient, tidy environment  is often looked upon as a rainy day activity, a rainy day that never comes…….

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Technimove - The Chosen MigrationPartner for IO Blog Header Image

Technimove – The chosen migration partner for IO

IO a leading data centre services company, has announced that it will work with new customers to reduce the costs of physical migration to its Slough data centre, in conjunction with market-leading relocation specialists Technimove…….

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