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Tailor-Made Data Centre Migration

server virtualization Leader - Data Centre Migration - Case Study


The client is a multinational software company that provides server, application and desktop virtualization, networking, software as a service, and cloud computing technologies.

Our client needed to consolidate the footprint in their Global headquarter DC in Florida, migrating their
environment internally. As a trusted Global partner, with a relationship built upon successful delivery of critical
projects, including previous projects in London and Amsterdam, our client engaged with Technimove to lead the project delivery.

The Solution

To ensure a smooth and successful Migration, Technimove planned to undertake the following work packages:

• Project Management
• Physical Audit
• Document Consultation and Verification
• Network Patching & Pre-Cable
• Migration Planning
• Internal PhysicalMigration of equipment from 80+ Racks

Pre Migration Activities

Technimove provided a PMP accredited Project Manager to oversee the delivery of the statement of works. The
PM was engaged throughout the project, to ensure the highest standards of service delivery. The project
schedule and migration timescales were identified, early in the initiation process, as critical risks and the
Technimove ProjectManager worked closely with the client team, to explore appropriatemitigation options.
Daily communication and collaboration between Technimove and our client was key to delivering the project
successfully, within the timescale required.

Technimove completed a Physical Audit, providing our client with a detailed account of their current
environment. This was a key dependency for them, as they required the infrastructure detail at port level, in
order to create a patching schedule for the Migration, in addition to a full verification of the equipment in scope.
This was a vital step in the project process. As an organisation, we worked closely with our client to transpose the
Audit documentation into a finalised patching schedule.

Ahead of the Migration, the Technimove team completed a Pre-Cable, installing copper and fibre cables between
devices, switches and patch panels, across several cabinets where required. All cables were labelled top and tail
and managed to the correct U position in line with the destination rack plans and patching schedule. This was a
critical element of the pre-move preparation and key tominimising precious downtime on theMigration.
Technimove also re-cabled our client’s existing network hardware, utilising appropriate cable lengths and best
practice cablingmethods.

The Technimove and client teams collaborated daily to discuss and agree the Migration approach, which formed
the basis of a comprehensive runbook. This detailed planning stage was a critical step for successfully completing
the Migration, within the aggressive timescales required. It was agreed that the Migration would take place over
a weekend, across 5 strategic shutdown batches, utilising the appropriate Technimove resource levels

The Result

On the day of the Migration, the Technimove team leader liaised with the client to confirm successful shutdown
completion, ahead of commencing work on each batch. Once confirmed, the migration team commenced the final
checks, labelling and de-commission of all devices in scope, in line with the agreed equipment list.
The equipment was de-racked before being individually wrapped in anti-static bubble wrap and placed into
purpose- built, foam-lined, server flight cases. All rail kits associated with the Migration were labelled in line with
the destination rack plans before being de-mounted and placed into dedicated rail kit flight cases.

Upon completion of the De-Commission and De-Rack, Technimove’s team leader performed a review with the
client team to perform final checks that all devices in scope had been successfully removed from the old

In parallel, Technimove resources were assigned to the new environment to Re-Rack and Re-Commission the
equipment. The team transported the equipment to the new cage and utilised the agreed rack layout and patching
schedule documentation, to successfully install all devices.

Post-Migration, Technimove provided Post-Commissioning Support teams to work alongside our client during the
power up process, in the event of last-minute changes to patching documentation or a requirement to trace, snag
and replace cables.

Upon completion, the team leader reported back to our client and Technimove’s Project Manager, before
providing the finalMigration sign off.


All equipment was relocated and brought up within the project timeframe, with the exception of 1 device.
Delegating this project to Technimove enabled our client’s IT team to focus on their core business duties, which
are critical to ensuring the business is operating as normal.

With any project of this size, there will inevitably be multiple changes and some issues experienced as a result.
What is critical is the ability to flex and manage the issues as they arise, and be able to continue the program as
scheduled. With Technimove’s unrivalled global experience, we were able to attain this and deliver a successful
project to valued client.

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