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For more than two decades Technimove have led the market, having successfully completed thousands of the world’s most complex and challenging Data Center Migration projects, ranging from a single server move to an entire Data Center Migration.

Our Global experience of Data Center moves means that we are the company of choice for world leading brands, such as Citrix, IBM and Ebay. We are easy to engage and our solutions are bespoke. Our strong reputation for delivering excellence has resulted in the world’s leading Data Center providers and a further 5,000 enterprise organizations, utilizing our services globally. As a result, we are utilized by clients across all verticals of the private and public sectors and our expertise has been critical in significantly reducing the CapEx and OpEx of major infrastructure for Tier 1 European Enterprises, by leveraging a consistent migration approach on time.

In recent cases, Technimove have driven improvement in OpEx expenses by migrating customers, in some cases, within 1 week of contract signature.

Our experience sets us apart from all other companies. Technimove’s Data Center Migration service is used by an average of 20 different clients on any given week. Our server relocation projects span North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa Australia and Middle East. We have successfully completed data center relocations on 6 continents.

Technimove’s Data Centre Migration steps:

Initial meeting and scoping. Our technical project management team will lead this process to understand the client’s requirement and to define a program for the migration

Audit. Technimove will send a team of engineers in to the current Data Center to record the device details, position within the rack, ports populated and trace the cables, if required

Cable. For the vast majority of our Data Center move projects, we install new structured cabling and pre-cable the patch leads to ensure the environment is ready for the equipment to arrive ahead of the Data Center Migration phase

Physical Migration. Technimove will unplug all server, storage and networking devices within scope of the Data Center Migration. All equipment is de-racked by the Technimove team and professionally packed, before being safely relocated to the new Data Center. On arrival, our team will carefully transport the equipment to the new racks, unpack and rack the equipment. We will then recommission the equipment and hand it over to the client.

Post-migration support. We often provide Network and Storage Specialists to assist with bringing the environment back up online. We are also on standby to assist with addressing any cabling and connectivity issues that may arise.

Why should you use Technimove?

Experience. Technimove are in Data Centers every day of every week. There is nothing that we have not experienced. We are incredibly referenceable and are happy to provide case studies and introductions to clients that were in in your position. Utilize our experience.

Capability. Our skillset and Global reach sets us aside from any other data Center move company.

Capacity. Technimove have the capacity to complete large-scale Data Center migration projects of up to 70 racks in a single weekend

All of Technimove’s Data Center Migration engineers are inducted and trained to our high standards through our dedicated and internal training programme. Engineers are cleared to DBS and NPPV2 as a minimum, along with a large number of engineers carrying mod SC clearance. Technimove is a trusted supplier to many defence and government sector clients, who demand such high security clearances.

With offices located in Charlotte NC, London, Dublin, Frankfurt and Johannesburg, we are able to meet the needs of many of our multi-national clients, providing them with a consistently high and reliable service across their Global offices.

Our tried and tested service has enabled us to develop a methodology that greatly reduces the risk of a Data Center Relocation for our clients.  Further, our methods help to reduce the downtime experienced by our clients.  Understanding the importance of mitigating downtime, our Data Center Migrations are delivered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

If you are planning a Data Center move, then contact the team at [email protected]  – we have done this before and we will make your Data Center relocation a success

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