Governance & Audits

Implement Processes And Policies To Manage Your Security Posture, Compliance Goals.

Governance And Audits

The threat to technology-based information assets is greater now than ever before. The rate of technology advancements has been rapid however the rate that cyber criminals have assessed the current defence mechanisms and adapted their approach has been equal. The attack surface continues to widen presenting more attractive attack vectors for hackers to adapt their approach.

A business can deploy a layered approach to security technologies which in turn provides ‘defence in depth’ however people, process and policies underpin any solid security posture. Although there are many casual cyber criminals regularly looking to create havoc and disarray, this is usually governed by their appetite to test their skills or to cause mayhem. What is far more worrying, is the growth in highly skilled groups such as Magecart, organised crime groups and even foreign national state groups that have the skills and resources to engage in covert cyber-espionage complimented by elegance and sophistication.

Governance & Audit Services We Provide:

  • PCI-DSS (QSA certified consultants)
  • Cyber gap analysis (based off of NIST framework)
  • ISO Governance
  • Cyber Essentials

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