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Our Techni-Secure services cover the physical and virtual security needs of most organizations, from providing secure storage to disposing of IT assets as per ADISA standards, to helping you get an audit of your cyber-health we have solutions to ensure your business is secured.

We are of only 33 companies globally to be ADISA accredited, we are ISO 9001 & 27001 certified and are fully certified by the Environment Agency. Our services allow IT, managers, to reduce risk while achieving capability and delivery assurance.

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Security Services

Technimove will help you understand the impact of data breaches and work with you to implement a security strategy that ensures your businesses assets has maximum protection from all threats.

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Secure Storage

State of the art secure storage facility with the highest level of security processes to safeguard equipment ahead of installation or between phases of a migration centre, we are trusted by leading Data Centre providers, global enterprise & government organisations.

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Secure IT Asset Disposal

One of only 44 companies globally to hold the rigorous ADISA accreditation, Technimove's recycling and disposal services are of the highest security standard, delivered through a purpose-built state of the art recycling facility in the UK.

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Cyber Services

Comprehensive consultancy, assessment and services focused on Security We will help you identify exploitable vulnerabilities, risks, security issues and advise on how to remediate problems and mitigate your risks.

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Continuous VA Scanning

Our Continuous Vulnerability Scanning service performs a security assessment of your internal and external infrastructure, web tier and reports the known vulnerabilities, reducing your response time to security threats.

Governance And Audit Services

Governance Risk and Compliance has never been more important and with Technimove's auditing services we can cover everything from cyber essentials to PCI DSS & Cyber risk assessments

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Penetration Testing

Our CREST Approved Penetration (PEN) testing services assess your organisation’s external and internal IT footprint. We will report on such things as unpatched systems, possible forgotten or legacy devices, devices with weak usernames and passwords as well as other factors which would be of interest to malicious hackers.

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Security & Awareness Training

Our security awareness training is a program designed to help decision-makers and employees understand the role they play in helping to combat information security breaches and help create a culture of security.

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