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Cyber Health Check

Cyber health check is is an MOT for your digital assets and infrastructure, the aim is to identify points of failure and risks, so you can mitigate them effectively.

What Does The Service Cover?

  • Employee end-point compute

  • Email phishing

  • Password management & security

  • Authentication protection

  • Centralised command & control

  • Patch Management

  • Firewall & perimeter protection

  • Obsolete systems & equipment

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Proactive in-depth direct security scan, including Ransomware

  • Physical security protection check

  • In-depth report of tangible, targeted defence actions

Actionable Outcomes

  • Chaperoned secure access to your systems

  • 100+ check-point assessment of the greatest attack risks

  • Detailed report of your greatest areas of defence, and those open to a critical incident

  • Practical prioritisation of your next-steps

  • Peace of mind

  • Justification for investment

  • Your route to recovery

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