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Mechanical & Electrical Services

We can provide a full mechanical and electrical turnkey solution or work with clients to deliver custom made packages for a single discipline approach.
Our in-house Mechanical and Electrical engineering teams, we are flexible and deliver innovative solutions and a comprehensive service.

Service Overview
Critical to your business success is finding a partner that delivers the engineering skill, service expertise and interoperability that will lower cost, reduce risk, and provide a safer environment across the data centre life cycle. Whether designing and building a new data centre or retrofitting a current data centre, Technimove’s highly trained and experienced technicians can help you determine the best power solutions with integrated thermal and software management, while ensuring efficiency, cost, and safety.

What can our Mechanical and Electrical Services cover:

  • Construction of bespoke Server Rooms
  • Structured Data Cabling
  • Installation of Air Conditioning Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Electrical Installation – Single/3 Phase Systems
  • Lighting
  • PAT Testing
  • Fire Suppression Systems
  • Access Control & Biometrics
  • CCTV Surveillance Systems
  • Flooring – Raised, Anti Static
  • Suspended Ceilings



what can we do for you?

Structured Cabling Icon

Structured Cabling

Design, configuration, testing, installation and imple-mentation of all current Data and Voice cable topologies,

Pre-Cabling Services Icon

Pre-cabling Services

Pre-cabling services ensures minimal setbacks during data centre migration

In-Rack Cabling Icon

In-rack cabling

Ensure clear, reliable and easy to maintain system In rack cabinet, with cables organized properly.

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