Security and Awareness Training

Empowering You to Create A Security Culture In Your Organisations

Security & Awareness Training

Phishing attacks have been deployed by cyber criminals to both people at work and at home. Today’s phishing attacks are far more sophisticated than years gone by where they would have been crude but effective.

Social engineering techniques are being used and cyber criminals will start to build up a profile of an attack vector and start to investigate social media sites to see if that person has recently stayed at a hotel or been to a particular restaurant and they will deploy a  sophisticated phishing attempt that uses a recent outing to trick the user into feeling confident that this is a real email.

Whilst technology can have a big impact on a business’s security posture (Defence in Depth), people process and policies will always underpin any strategy around security.

People are always the most attractive attack vector for cyber criminals. Security and Awareness Training is a critical service that can be delivered back into the business from IT which ultimately helps not only the staff but also senior management who are responsible for managing; Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Our offering is easy to deploy and is fully automated meaning so that IT teams are not being distracted by providing user training for security when there are P1 service tickets that are service impacting and need to be dealt with.

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