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Arguably the most essential elements of complex or largescale transformations is maintaining business operational continuity and agility.

The techniVCloud is a cloud-based environment, where we enable our clients the ability to place their front facing and critical applications, into our secure UK cloud environment, replicating the data so that whilst the physical migration takes place, the business experiences no downtime.

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“The ultimate goal is to deliver zero downtime to our clients.
With TechniVCloud, we can do just that

Once the kit is installed at the target Data Centre, the cloud environment can be safely suspended. This offers the client zero downtime during the migration.

The techniVCloud provides utility based Cloud Computing built on industry-leading technologies and includes; VMware, Zerto, Commvault, Trend & Lumension. Offering real-time replication, disaster recovery & business continuity, anti-virus and patching capabilities that are inherently built-in.

The techniVCloud also offers guaranteed UK Data residency and high-availability Tier3 dual Data Centre operations with service level availability (SLA’s) of 99.999%.

Business enterprise CIOs and IT Directors are often under pressure to deliver greater output with less investment, move expenditure to an “opex” model and find capacity within their existing teams.

Technimove’s customers can take full advantage of operational readiness & service availability. Software licensing is also available alongside commercial agility to back-up, move or migrate servers. Furthermore we provide services and applications using ‘their own’ existing virtual management console controls. This leaves clients in full control of any and all migration specifications & requirements.

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Case Studies

At Technimove our aim is to always go above and beyond for all of our clients. Take a look at some of our client stories by following the link to our case studies below

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