Wifi Site Survey
Wifi Survey
Wifi Site Survey

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WIFI Site Survey

We’ll complete an analysis of your existing coverage (if any), and a review of your vital services, software and apps to ensure they run without any issues, designing your network from the ground up with this in mind.

Our WIFI site surveys help you design better networks, find fault with the current one or help you optimise your current infrastructure to ensure it is fit for purpose and can accommodate future scalability requirements.

Our service helps clients build an optimised workspace, it is essential to the planning and design phase, prior to the installation of a wireless network. We take the guesswork out of installing your network infrastructure.

Service Overview

  • Understanding Business Needs

  • Importing & Reviewing your Building Plans

  • On-site pre-deployment survey

  • Site set-up and test

  • In depth report with recommendations

  • Optional service – equipment installation

The Services Options We Provide:

  1. Health check/ fault-finding survey

  2. Environmental Monitoring

  3. On-site Design WiFi survey

Get a bespoke network designed for your building, network design and usage.

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