As a leading provider of IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, Technimove were tasked with facilitating the secure disposal of redundant hardware for 8x8's project.......


As a leading provider of IT asset disposal (ITAD) services, Technimove were tasked with facilitating the secure disposal of redundant hardware for 8×8’s project.

The project involved the collection and relocation of IT equipment from two project addresses in London to Technimove’s disposal facility. This case study outlines the requirements, proposed solution, investment schedule, methodology, and outcomes of the project.


8×8 required specialist ITAD disposal services to ensure the secure and compliant disposal of their redundant hardware.

Technimove was responsible for collecting and relocating the equipment to their disposal facility, adhering to WEEE regulations.

Proposed Solution

Technimove proposed a comprehensive solution, including decommissioning, de-racking, packaging, and transportation of the equipment to their disposal facility.

They offered NCSC certified Blancco Software for wiping HDDs or shredding, along with providing a Certificate of Disposal upon completion.

Investment Schedule

The investment schedule included charges for decommissioning, de-racking, ITAD recycling, and HDD wiping/shredding.

Disposal Methodology

Technimove’s disposal methodology involved meticulous planning, onsite coordination, secure transportation, and thorough data sanitisation processes. A full inventory of the assets is recorded which included the make, model and serial number of the devices. In addition, the number of HHDs contained within each device is also recorded. The HHD’s are processed in line with the ADISA standard providing independent validation of compliance and the strict industry standards held by Technimove providing 8×8 further confidence of your decision to engage with an accredited ITAD provider, finally all devices are recycled in accordance with WEEE regulations.

Detailed documentation and certifications were provided to ensure compliance and transparency throughout the process.  The documentation also serves as evidence of 8×8’s end of chain of custody.


The project was successfully executed within the proposed schedule, ensuring the secure disposal of 8×8’s redundant hardware while adhering to regulatory requirements.

Technimove’s expertise in ITAD services, coupled with their rigorous disposal methodology, provided 8×8 with confidence in the handling of their sensitive data-bearing equipment.


Technimove’s provision of specialised ITAD disposal services for 8×8’s project exemplifies their commitment to security, compliance, and customer satisfaction. By delivering a comprehensive solution encompassing planning, execution, and documentation, Technimove ensured the seamless and secure disposal of IT assets, mitigating risks associated with data breaches and environmental non-compliance.


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