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Efficient Networking Solutions

Efficient Networking Solutions for LAN, WLAN, DCLAN, and WAN

Networking services allow computers and other devices to communicate and share resources with each other over an integrated infrastructure. Examples of networking services include email, file sharing, remote access, printing, and messaging.

These services are essential for businesses and organisations to operate efficiently and effectively in today’s connected world.

Our networking services are vital for efficient and effective communication between devices over a network. They include email, file sharing, remote access, printing, and messaging. We cover LAN, WLAN, DCLAN, and WAN services to fit your requirements along with security and auditing of networks based on best practices as well as multi-factor authentication.
We also offer automation services with specified vendors Cisco (DNA – iWAN, SD-WAN, Scripting) HPE (Clearpass, HPE Switch Templates).
Our services include Monitoring tools such as SolarWinds, Live NX, Logic Monitor. Consulting services cover routing & switching, security (IPSec, SSL-VPN, NAT, AAA, IPS) across our security vendors. Wi-Fi is deployed according to best practice’s using Flexconnect, Mesh and Local.
Network types
LAN, or Local Area Network, is a computer network that covers a small area, such as a single building or a campus. LAN services typically include file sharing, printing, and internet connectivity.
WLAN, or Wireless Local Area Network, is a type of LAN that uses wireless connections instead of cables. WLAN services include wireless internet access, file sharing, and printing.
DCLAN, or Data Centre Local Area Network, is a type of LAN that connects servers, storage systems, and other devices in a data centre. DCLAN services typically include virtualisation, backup and recovery, and load balancing.
WAN, or Wide Area Network, is a computer network that covers a large geographical area, such as a city, state, or country. WAN services include internet connectivity, remote access, and data transfer between different locations.
Problem solving and benefits
LAN (Local Area Network)

A LAN connects devices within a small geographical area, such as a building. Benefits of using a LAN include:

  • High-speed data transfer between devices
  • Improved collaboration and communication between employees
  • Cost-effective network setup
  • Enhanced security with the ability to control access to resources within the network
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) – This type of network allows devices to connect wirelessly to the internet or other devices. Benefits of using a WLAN include:
  • Mobility for users to move around and still stay connected
  • Reduced costs for cabling infrastructure
  • Increased productivity with the ability to work from anywhere within the wireless range
  • Greater flexibility to add or remove devices without disrupting the network


DC LAN (Data Centre Area Network)

A DC LAN connects servers and storage devices within a data centre. Benefits of using a DC LAN include:

  • High-speed data transfer between devices within the data centre
  • Improved efficiency with the ability to manage and allocate resources easily
  • Reduced downtime with the ability to create redundancy and backup systems
  • Enhanced security


Wide Area Network (WAN) networking.

Here are some of the key advantages:

  • Improved collaboration: WAN networking enables employees and teams to communicate and collaborate even if they are geographically separated. This can increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Better scalability: WANs can be easily scaled to accommodate more users and applications as your business grows.
  • Cost-effective: By centralizing resources, WANs can help reduce costs associated with hardware, software, and support.
  • Enhance disaster recovery: WANs can provide redundant links to alternate sites of business operation allowing for improved disaster recovery capabilities and ensuring business continuity.
  • Enable remote access: With WANs, remote employees can access company resources and applications from any location.
  • Overall, WAN networking can help organizations improve communication, reduce costs, and improve scalability and disaster recovery capabilities.


Implementing a LAN, WLAN, DC LAN, and WAN project requires careful planning and attention to detail. Here’s the process we’ll put into place to deliver a successful networking project:


Identify your requirements:

We’ll identify your network requirements and determine which type of network architecture will best suit your needs.



Our team will plan the layout of your network, including the placement of switches, routers, access points, and other network infrastructure.

We can choose the appropriate hardware and software for your network, taking into account factors such as scalability, security, and ease of management.


Configuration and testing:

We’ll configure your network devices, including IP addressing, routing protocols, and VLANs.

The on-site team will test your network to ensure that it is functioning as expected and troubleshoot any issues that arise.


Monitor and manage:

We will monitor and manage your network on an ongoing basis to ensure that it continues to meet your needs and perform optimally.

Every network implementation is unique, so it’s important for us work closely with your team to develop a customised plan that meets your specific needs.

Get in touch with our team of experts by calling 020 8686 8800 or filling in the form below, and we’ll be happy to talk about how we can help you with your your networking needs.

Professional Services


Effective networking services are essential for businesses and organisations to operate efficiently and effectively in today’s connected world.

Data Centre
Data Centre

Our data centre services include hosting servers, providing cloud services, managing networking infrastructure, offering data protection and recovery services.


Our expert teams can create a shared platform to enhance performance and a secure, reliable base to optimise your environment.

Data Protection
Data Protection

Our data protection services are designed to help ensure that your data is safe and secure and can be easily retrieved if needed.

Compute – Servers
Compute – Servers

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Our Wi-Fi services focus on delivering essential wireless connections for your business.

Project Management as a Service - PMaaS
Project Management as a Service – PMaaS

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Physical Data Centre Audit Services
Physical Data Centre Audit Services

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