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Effective Structured Cabling Solutions for Data Centres
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Designing and Implementing Effective Structured Cabling Solutions for Data Centres.

Structured cabling forms the core of any infrastructure. An accurately designed and installed structure cabling system delivers predictable performance as well as having the flexibility to accommodate moves and changes.

Our services for structured cabling for data centres includes the design, installation, and maintenance of data centre cabling systems. This can include copper and fibre optic cabling, as well as related hardware such as patch panels, racks, and cable management systems.

Other services we offer include network testing and certification, cable labelling and documentation, and ongoing support and troubleshooting.

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There are several types of cables used in networking, including Ethernet, fibre optic, and coaxial cables.
We follow all best practices for structured cabling, for example, if we’re setting up a network in a large building, we may recommend using fibre optic cables to ensure high-bandwith connections between devices.

Problem solving and benefits

We create a reliable and efficient cabling infrastructure that supports the reliable data transfer needs of the modern data centre.

Cabling is an essential aspect of any network infrastructure. Without adopting good practices for structured cabling, your network won’t function properly, leading to poor performance and other issues. Our specialists can ensure these issues are prevented.


Our structured cabling solutions ensure that the network infrastructure is organised in a structured and efficient manner, which helps to minimise network downtime and maximise productivity.

Technimove’s structured cabling solutions also provide a high level of flexibility, allowing for easy and quick modifications to the network as business needs change. In addition, it provides a unified and standards-based approach to cabling, which makes it easier to manage and maintain.

Other benefits of structured cabling include improved network performance, increased reliability and scalability, reduced costs associated with network maintenance and upgrades, and a cleaner and more professional appearance.

Overall, structured cabling plays a critical role in ensuring that your organisation’s network infrastructure is reliable, efficient, and able to support the changing needs of your business.

Whether you’re setting up a new network or upgrading an existing one, we understand the crucial processes involved and can implement effective cabling solutions.

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Implementing successful structured cabling for a data centre requires careful planning and execution. Here’s how we deliver successful structured cabling:


Developing a cabling plan:

We’ll create a detailed plan of how the cables will be installed, the types of cables needed, and the routing of the cables.


Choosing the right cables:

The type of cables we use will depend on the requirements of your data centre. Fibre optic cables are ideal for high-speed data transfer while copper cables are more affordable and can be used for shorter distances.


Installing the cables:

We will always instal cables in a neat and organised manner, with proper labelling to make maintenance and troubleshooting easier.


Testing the cables:

Once the cables are installed, we’ll test them to ensure that they are functioning properly and meeting the required specifications.


Maintain the cabling system:

Regular maintenance and inspection of the cabling system will help prevent problems and ensure that the data centre is running smoothly, and our team will support with this.

Of course, every project is unique and may involve additional steps depending on your specific needs.

Get in touch with our team of experts by calling 020 8686 8800 or filling in the form below, and we’ll be happy to talk about how we can help you with your structured cabling needs.

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