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Accenture are a global management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations services.......

The Challenge

Accenture are a global management consulting and professional services company that provides strategy, consulting, digital technology and operations services.

As the migrations partner to Accenture, Technimove have been completing critical infrastructure migration projects collaboratively since 2010 and were approached to migrate equipment for their client John Lang Lasalle.

  • Accenture required a fully managed migration
  • Migrating the contents of 80 populated racks across 4 even phases
  • 6 hour downtime window to migrate the equipment
  • Central London to Park Royal Data Centre

The Solution

Planning and Project Management

Realising the importance of maintaining business continuity and reducing downtime, Technimove assigned a senior project manager to work closely with the client. Technimove’s migration methodology is designed to focus on minimising downtime, reducing risk and guaranteeing the efficient delivery of server migration projects. The Project Manager worked alongside Accenture’s internal team attending multiple pre-migration meetings to plan and prepare critical documentation for the project for which a Visio rack diagram was produced.

Dates and schedules were then agreed between Technimove, Accenture and the end client.

The Migration

On the day of the migration, Technimove engineers arrived onsite 30 minutes prior to the start of the migration to sign in and prepare packaging material. The client was experiencing some internal issues which meant there was a delay in handing the equipment over to our engineers and there was also additional equipment added to the migration which was outside of scope.

Technimove are always prepared for potential last-minute changes so were able to easily accommodate and the devices were handed over to Technimove to systematically De-rack and wrap in anti-static bubble wrap for protection, before being placed into purpose built, foam lined, server flight cases.

Once the flight cases were secured in the pre-fuelled GPS tracked Mercedes Sprinters, Technimove travelled directly to the destination site via the safest and shortest pre-planned route.

Once at Park Royal, the equipment was unpacked and installed in line with the destination rack plans.

Technimove undertook final checks before handing the equipment back over to the client for the testing to commence ahead of schedule.

The Result

Although there were several last-minute changes, such as additional equipment added and a delayed handover from the client to our team, Technimove were able to complete the project within the allotted relocation window without sacrificing any aspect of the market leading service we pride ourselves on.

Our wealth of experience in similar situations meant that we were able to adapt to the changes; as a result, we delivered above and beyond expectations by:

  • Completing the migration well within the 6 hour window
  • Although there were several last-minute changes we adapted to them ensuring downtime was not affected.

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