Due to Amdocs acquiring and incorporating broadband cable solutions provider Jacobs Rimell, Technimove were initially contacted to carry out a server relocation....

Project Specification

Due to Amdocs acquiring and incorporating broadband cable solutions provider Jacobs Rimell, Technimove were initially contacted to carry out a server relocation of 120 servers to merge the two companies. After exposure to Technimove’s work methods and being made aware of the full range of services that Technimove provide, including being a registered carrier of hazardous waste, we were then approached to dispose of the surplus IT equipment from the incorporation.

Amdocs needed to dispose of 26 assembled 42u server racks, 40 servers and numerous other IT parts, in line with environmental WEEE regulations.

Technimove’s Solution

With Technimove being familiar with the client site due to the previous move, we were aware that the IT equipment was situated on the 4th floor of the building. With this in mind, Technimove proposed that, in order to reduce client disruption and timescales, the disposal would be carried out over two phases.

Due to the size of the racks, which couldn’t fit in the buildings lift, the first phase would require a team to go in and dismantle the 26 racks to allow for easier removal from the building.

The second phase required the team to go in the following day to remove all items for disposal and take them to a LWRA (London Waste Regulated Association) affiliated waste disposal site.

With the requirement carried out over consecutive days, Technimove provided the same team for both phases for continuity to ensure that all staff were familiar with both the building access and task on hand.


With both familiarity of the building and the fore planning to decide that the racks could not fit in the lift provided, the decision to break the disposal into two phases reduced both timescales and disruption for the client.

After the items were disposed of, Amdocs were provided with a full asset list of the items disposed, as well as a certificate from Technimove as proof that the items were disposed at a registered site in accordance to WEEE regulations.

It can sometimes be the case that our clients are not fully aware of the wide range of services that Technimove provide. Like Amdocs found out in this case, Technimove can offer both pre and post move services to ensure that an office or IT move goes safely, efficiently and to the highest possible standard. As well as decommissioning, de-racking, packing, re-racking and decommissioning servers, Technimove provide pre cabling, cable labelling, storage and disposal services also.

Once at Kilby House, Liverpool, the equipment was unpacked and installed in line with the destination rack plans. Once racked, devices were Recommissioned in line with the patching schedules.

Technimove undertook final checks before handing the equipment back over the client for the testing to commence ahead of schedule.


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