Boeing Technical Services, previously CDG (Continental Data Graphics LTD), are a UK company that creates all the Technical manuals for Boeings fleet of planes and transportation vehicles......


Boeing Technical Services, previously CDG (Continental Data Graphics LTD), are a UK company that creates all the Technical manuals for Boeings fleet of planes and transportation vehicles.

After merging with Boeing, CDG were required to upgrade their current infrastructure to be able to provide all of their users with a new Boeing profile and network. This meant a new Cisco switch to be installed along with a new upgraded Wi-Fi system. CDG were also requested to bring their current Data Centre up to the same standard as US Boeing, with more security surrounding the DC room.

Realising that there IT Data Centre needed to be fully aligned with Boeing Standards, they engaged Technimove to provide a dedicated solution

The Challenge

After a detailed survey was carried out, Technimove gathered key information around the requirement, understanding what was required and what the IT estate consisted of. Their office, a shared business centre in Welwyn Garden City, meant that any changes structurally to the layout of the floor, power or cooling installation, would require the landlords approval. Based in California and having to confirm the full requirement and approval of the scope of works, meant that any executive decisions would be delayed until the end of the each working day.

The whole solution had to be scoped, designed, implemented and delivered within an aggressive time frame to align with new Boeing standards, plus a whole new Boeing network, both hardwired and wireless

The Solution

Technimove scoped the work required, designed, planned and delivered the project as per CDG andBoeings requirement and timescales. Technimove worked closely with the IT and facility departments to deliver the following scope of works


  • Create and design new DC floor plan to incorporate new structured walls around the DC


  • Carry out cable audit and trace from all patch leads from core switch to patch panels


  • Floor audit of all data boxes across 1st floor office space, input into Excel spread sheet and floor plan


  • Cable standardised for each user to have one network point per workstation


  • Consolidate all remaining copper connections onto patch panels with new cable management


  • Run new structured cabling above ceiling grid for additional AP (access points), plus install 9no new AP units


  • Generate a full power report from power analysing unit to confirm power draw to main distribution board


  • Design and plan to run new sub main cable into the 1st floor DC from the main substation, providing resiliency power. Installation of a new 2nd distribution board within the DC, new earth bar and bond each cabinet with suitable earthing conductors


  • To remove the existing ceiling trim and a section of ceiling grid and tiles around the perimeter of the room for access. To carry out alterations and reinstate


  • To supply and install a new metal framework on top of the existing metal framework up to the ceiling and to include a layer of 18mm ply and a layer of Expamet security mesh 50-76F to concrete ceiling slab and finish off with a single skin of 12.5mm Fireline plasterboards, to be taped and jointed


  • Resupply one of the existing AC wall units to the new 2nd distribution board, to provide resilient AC within the DC


  • To manage all of the tasks and scheduling all the work, The Project Manager managed all external suppliers and confirming that all scopes or works where completed successfully and as agreed.

Technimove Input

The Technimove Project Manager was engaged throughout the entire project as the client’s single point of contact for escalations, keeping in constant communication via e-mail, phone and onsite visits. The Technimove PM worked closely with suppliers regarding time-frames, planning outages and change windows, during the power shutdowns.

Technimove undertook final checks and snagging before handing the equipment back to the client for the customer’s technical, business unit and end-user testing to commence.

The Result

Technimove’s final solution was to install a 2nd power distribution board to provide all racks with dual power into the DC, providing a N+1 system, as well as commissioning a new earth bar, as the new Cisco switch required an earth bond connection. With the Data Centre AC wall units now split between both distribution boards, this now gives an N+1 system incase of any AC failures.

Engineers extended the current 4 walls of the DC, up to the ceiling slab as per Boeings standards, to co-align with their security policy, providing a new standardised network across the office area and installation of new wireless AP units. With a change of scope during the project, where the landlord building manager requested all power to be approved by themselves and their engineers, Technimove had to install and commission a new metered electrical unit outside of the Boeing office, running the sub main cable from the ground floor up to the 1st floor, and not from the local feed.


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