Technimove have completed data centre migration projects for many of the UK and American owned banks and began working with Commerz bank, Germany’s second-largest bank........

70 Devices Relocation Docklands to Frankfurt


Project Specification

Technimove have completed data centre migration projects for many of the UK and American owned banks and began working with Commerzbank, Germany’s second-largest bank and one of the leading banks in Europe, over 12 years ago.

Commerzbank engaged Technimove as European market leaders to migrate critical IT infrastructure from London to Frankfurt. The bank required a professional migration service that minimised both risk and downtime.

Technimove’s Solution

From the start one of Technimove’s senior project managers engaged with the Commerzbank IT team and a lead engineer was assigned to the migration to complete a site survey of the existing DC infrastructure environment to get a better understanding of the effort required to successfully deliver this migration.

The lead engineer captured the necessary details of the equipment to be migrated, reviewed the state of the existing cabling, rail kits and the access routes. Technimove’s Project Manager also collated this information and presented back a variety of risks that Commerzbank would have to manage to ensure the migration went according to plan as missed milestones at this stage would have a detrimental ripple affect.

Technimove always migrate equipment following a proven migration methodology that has been customised and honed over the past 23+ years to minimize risk & downtime.

To ensure a smooth continuation of business for both sites in London and Frankfurt, the Technimove team completed an audit & cable trace of the current data centre environment, all information was captured in excel format and shared with the Commerzbank IT team to make any changes to reflect how the destination site would look.

Once Technimove received the documentation back in the form of a patching schedule, a pre cable was completed of the destination racks in Frankfurt. This was a crucial part of the migration to help minimise both risk and importantly enable Technimove to complete the migration within the downtime window required. Equipment, 70 devices, where decommissioned on a Friday night in London then relocated to Germany through the night, arriving at the destination site in Frankfurt the very next morning.


Technimove made first contact with Commerzbank many years ago regarding the migration of Servers from London to Frankfurt. Following the successful completion of the initial project, Technimove have become the Bank’s strategic part for all data centre migration activity, completing many migration projects for the Bank involving servers, storage & network equipment across the UK & Europe.

Technimove have the capability to relocate anything from a single server to north of 100 racks of kit across the UK, Europe, and US. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer requirements every time, with each and every migration project receiving due care and diligence from the initial planning stage through to completion.


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