In this case study, we’ll delve into Technimove’s exceptional execution of a full solution migration from Vienna T-Systems Data Centre to.....


In this case study, we’ll delve into Technimove’s exceptional execution of a full solution migration from Vienna T-Systems Data Centre to Interxion Data Centre for Entain, a leading global gaming and sports betting operator.

Why Technimove?

Facing the challenge of relocating its data centre to enhance performance, scalability, and overall reliability, Entain turned to Technimove for their expertise in seamless data centre migration. Technimove’s reputation for high quality work and their teams of specialists were key factors in in forming this partnership.

With careful planning, meticulous attention to detail, and exemplary coordination, Technimove ensured a smooth and efficient migration process, resulting in high customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Entain’s data centre migration was no small task, requiring flawless execution to avoid service disruptions and data loss during the transition.

The project involved complex coordination and synchronisation of various tasks to minimise downtime and maintain business continuity.

Detailed Scope of Services Delivered: Solving the Problem


Project Management

Technimove’s project management team provided a crucial guiding hand throughout the migration process. They performed and led weekly meetings with stakeholders, designed a robust communication plan, and built a comprehensive end-to-end project plan outlining every stage of the migration.

The team ensured efficient coordination between onsite and offsite management and obtained regular updates from team lead engineers.

To keep everyone on the same page, they presented weekly highlight reports and maintained a RAID log to track risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies. Regular management meetings with Entain kept the client informed, and a change freeze management process ensured a controlled migration environment.

Audit Inventory and Full Cable Trace

Technimove’s team audited over 200 devices to capture the existing layout of equipment. They performed a full end-to-end cable trace to provide a detailed cable mapping of the current connectivity.

Status light checks were carried out on all devices, and unique ID tags were applied to each device for accurate identification during the migration process.

Post Audit Consultation

Following the audit, Technimove shared the comprehensive results with Entain and organised multiple workshops to run through the captured details. They collaborated with the client to identify equipment in scope for migration to Interxion Data Centre while marking out-of-scope devices and creating an equipment list.

Additionally, Technimove provided expert advice on migrating and consolidating 17 x C7000 blade chassis to optimise efficiency.

Patching Schedule & Rack Elevation Consultation/Verification:

Technimove provided Entain with a patching schedule template, working together through regular draft reviews and Q&A sessions to finalise the patching schedule.

They offered consultancy when required, ensuring the client had a clear understanding of the process. By calculating the required amount of patching and estimating cable supply needs, Technimove ensured a seamless network switch installation.


Pre-cable/Cable Supply:

Technimove supplied all required network cables, including specialist cables such as MTP to MTP, MTP to LC Breakout, Cat6A RJ45, and OM4 MM LC.

They pre-cabled all racks at Interxion Datacentre based on the new patching schedule design. Full cable testing with cable testers/fluke testers was carried out, and meticulous cable management was implemented, including external runs of network cables across multiple racks/rows.

Cables were labelled with cable IDs, referencing the patching schedule to ensure accurate connectivity. Technimove meticulously verified pre-cable against rack diagrams and the patching schedule.

Migration/Post Commissioning Support:

To ensure a smooth and efficient migration, Technimove allocated a dedicated team from the UK to Vienna. They followed a well-defined migration runbook, beginning migration upon the completion of customer shutdown.

All equipment within the scope of migration was tagged with server labels, while out-of-scope devices were clearly marked to avoid accidental removal. The team efficiently de-commissioned cabling from server, network, and storage equipment, carefully de-racking and protecting equipment with anti-static bubble wrap before loading it into flight cases.

For complex tasks, such as removing 200-300KG blade chassis using genie lifts, Technimove’s expertise was invaluable.

All dedicated cables, including DACs and SAS, were carefully labelled and packaged securely. After transportation from T-Systems DC to Interxion DC, the team unpacked equipment, installed rail kits, and re-racked devices as per the rack diagrams and server labels.

Post-commissioning support was provided for 24 hours, with three teams of two engineers per shift, ensuring the smooth completion of the project. Technimove’s project manager provided remote support during this phase, monitoring progress, providing updates, and promptly addressing any issues that arose.

Quality and assurance checks were performed to sign off on the migration.

Project Timeline

The migration project spanned five months, commencing in the first week of March and concluding on 10th July. Technimove meticulously planned and executed each stage to ensure timely completion.

Customer Feedback

Entain expressed utmost satisfaction with Technimove’s professional approach during lead-up calls and praised the pre-cabling execution as superb.

The meticulous planning and execution throughout the project earned Technimove accolades from the client:

“Pre-cabling was excellent, and the execution on the day was superb. The calls in the lead-up were very professionally conducted. Additionally, with their expert guidance on DC migration, Technimove’s commitment to project excellence ensured its resounding success.” Bambos Evlambiou – Group head of Networks & Data Centres, Entain


Technimove’s expertise and dedication in providing end-to-end data centre migration solutions played a pivotal role in the successful migration of Entain’s Data Centre from Vienna T-Systems to Interxion Data Centre.

The project’s successful execution and seamless coordination highlight Technimove’s position as a reliable partner for complex and critical Data Centre migration projects.


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