National Grid

A leading energy company operating in the UK and US, embarked on a crucial project to install equipment in new Data Centres across multiple locations.......


A leading energy company operating in the UK and US, embarked on a crucial project to install equipment in new Data Centres across multiple locations.

To ensure the highest standards were met, they sought the assistance of a renowned, trustworthy Data Centre installation and management specialist, for which Technimove fit the bill.

This case study explores how Technimove’s expertise, strength of partnerships, and meticulous quality assurance processes helped the client successfully implement their data centre installations while overcoming significant challenges.

The Project Landscape

The client partnered a digital infrastructure company and data centre provider – to establish new Data Centres in Slough (UK), New York, and Virginia (US).

As the largest electricity transmission and distribution business in the UK, the client required rigorous quality assurance measures to guarantee compliance with their exacting standards.

Building Strong Relationships

Technimove partnered with an expert in IT solutions and procurement who are specialists in connecting teams and providing seamless project management – based on a relationship that has been prospering for a number of years.

This project was further established due to a previous project where the collaboration between Technimove and their IT solutions partner delivered exceptional results for the client, which confirmed them as the ideal partner.

These partnerships are essential to be able to deliver the best solutions at the highest quality and something we value highly.

Technimove’s Quality Assurance Approach

Technimove’s team of data centre installation and management experts took charge of evaluating the installation process and ensuring compliance with the client’s requirements.

Help the National Grid achieve their aim of a thorough quality assurance check, the Technimove team meticulously conducted a series of tests to identify any potential issues, following a comprehensive checklist to verify the successful implementation of the Data Centres.

Installation Quality Assurance

As the client required support outside of their in-house resources, Technimove deployed experienced engineers who conducted an initial review of the installed equipment.

This assessment included meticulous validation checks, such as verifying the rack elevation diagrams, labelling power and network cables, asset tagging devices, and confirming the accuracy of structured and patch cabling.

These checks aimed to identify any potential deviations from the required standards which was critical in highlighting further action to be taken.

Collaborative Problem Solving

Technimove worked closely with the contractors and documented their findings. We promptly communicated the results to the client’s management team, accompanied by well-informed recommendations and guidance.

This collaborative problem-solving approach between Technimove and their IT solutions partner ensured that issues were addressed promptly and effectively.

Remediation Review

Following the initial review, Technimove assigned an additional team to conduct a comprehensive follow-up review.

This secondary evaluation aimed to confirm that all identified defects had been effectively resolved by the client. By providing this essential verification, Technimove contributed to the successful completion of the project.

Delivery and Outcome

Throughout the quality assurance process, Technimove’s experts identified several critical issues, mainly relating to cable management, labelling, rack construction, and security.

By working closely with the client, and supported by the IT solutions partner, Technimove facilitated the resolution of these issues, ensuring that the data centre installations met the required standards.

The Test Lead for the client commented;

“Technimove delivered exceptional work and an invaluable contribution in assuring the successful completion of the new data centre builds. Technimove’s ability to identify critical defects during assurance activities enabled prompt resolution before go-live.

Our satisfaction with Technimove’s services led to their engagement in subsequent programmes, solidifying their reputation as a trusted partner for Data Centre projects.”


The collaboration between Technimove, the partner and client exemplified the importance of rigorous quality assurance in large-scale data centre installations. Technimove’s expertise, meticulous testing procedures, and collaborative, partner-driven, problem-solving approach ensured that the client’s installations met the required standards.

By addressing critical issues and providing timely feedback, Technimove played a vital role in enabling the successful implementation of the data centres, ultimately contributing to the client’s commitment to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient energy services to their customers and communities.


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