Nokia is a world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries......

Project Specification

Nokia is a world leader in mobility, driving the transformation and growth of the converging Internet and communications industries. With an annual sales of €22.2bn and operating in 130 countries, they are one of the world’s largest Telecommunication equipment and solution providers.

Savvis a subsidiary of Lumen Technologies provides managed hosting and colocation services contacted Technimove requesting a quote on behalf of their client Nokia, to relocate Servers from Vienna to Slough. Savvis’ client required a professional international service provider who can provide a turnkey migration solution.

Technimove’s Solution

Using a project-managed approach we identified the devices, make, model and patching schedules in advance, working in tandem with our partner Savvis we were able to chart a project plan with the least disruption and downtime. Technimove was requested to de-commission 104 servers in Vienna and then re-commission them when relocated to Slough. As downtime for Savvis’ client was not an issue, we arranged to collect the equipment at 07.00 on a Monday so that we could make the return journey on the same day. As scheduled, to ensure minimal disruptions and a quick turnaround time, our team arrived on site in Vienna 30 minutes ahead of schedule.

The equipment was powered down by Savvis and prepared for Technimove to de-commission and de-rack as per our project plans. After the equipment was swiftly de-racked, all items were individually packaged, secured and loaded onto our vehicle for direct transportation to Slough.

Our team arrived in Slough the following day before 12:00 midday, well within the stated deadline of 15:00. The equipment was immediately delivered to the desired location within the building; it was then re-commissioned and re-racked in line with Savvis’s requirements. The team received an official sign-off from the onsite contact, all packaging was removed and the Technimove team returned to our HQ.

Meeting Savvis’s customer requirements, including their tight deadlines, falls well within our standard practice as Technimove teams are regularly responsible for the safe collection, transportation and delivery of business-critical IT hardware throughout the British Isles and mainland Europe.


Relocating IT equipment abroad is just one of the services that Technimove provide. We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s expectations every time, with each relocation project receiving due care and diligence from the planning stage through to completion.

Since the successful completion of this project, Savvis has requested a quote for another Nokia migration project, consisting of over 400 devices and the end client Nokia was impressed with the structured and flawless migration of their servers.


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