Petroineos Trading Limited, with its complex network of servers and a workforce of 200 users, including 70 traders. Technimove, as a leading migration specialist, took on this huge challenge, executing a migration project that went above and beyond expectations......


Imagine the pressure of migrating an entire energy and commodity trading company, Petroineos Trading Limited, with its complex network of servers and a workforce of 200 users, including 70 traders. Technimove, as a leading migration specialist, took on this huge challenge, executing a migration project that went above and beyond expectations.

In this case study we’ll look at how Technimove transformed chaos into a seamless transition, delivering exceptional results.

Setting the Stage: The Challenge of Petroineos Trading Limited

Petroineos Trading Limited, a subsidiary of PetroChina International, is an integrated energy and commodity trading company operating globally. With headquarters in London, the company supplies crude oil to refineries in Scotland and France, while also engaging in trading and marketing refined products.

To ensure uninterrupted operations, Petroineos needed a fully managed migration process to transfer control seamlessly to their new environment.

Planning and Project Management: The Foundation for Success

Technimove understood the significance of meticulous planning and project management. Their migration methodology was designed to minimise downtime, reduce risks, and guarantee efficient delivery.

Their focus was on keeping the client informed, prepared for action, and maintaining up-to-date logs of any changes or prerequisite dates and timings.

By proactively mitigating risks and ensuring client readiness, Technimove set the stage for a successful migration.

PC Auditing: Precision at Every Desk

To meet Petroineos’s high expectations, Technimove conducted a comprehensive PC audit for each of the 200 users, including the 70 traders with 4-8 screens per user. The audit captured vital IT-related equipment information, such as screen orientations, network ports, and asset numbers. Engineers even took pictures of each desk to ensure clear visibility.

This meticulous attention to detail ensured that the migration delivery standards were met flawlessly.

DC Auditing: Unveiling the Hidden Network

Migrating servers from a data centre required a thorough audit to establish a clear scope of the devices to be relocated. Technimove performed a detailed DC audit, capturing essential information to pre-populate a patching schedule.

The schedule was reviewed by the client, Petroineos, enabling Technimove to pre-cable the new environment. With this knowledge in hand, Technimove was equipped to execute a smooth transition.

Pre-Cabling: Building the Bridge to Success

Pre-cabling played a pivotal role in minimising downtime during the migration.

Technimove’s engineers carried out the pre-cabling on the new location four weeks ahead of the migration, meticulously installing copper and fibre cables.

They adhered to Petroineos’s specific requirements, ensuring that the foundation for a seamless transition was laid.

Pre-Desk Set Up: Streamlining Relocation Timescales

Technimove capitalised on the availability of pre-installed desks at the destination site, specifically designated for the Trading Zone. Engineers worked diligently to prepare the desks in advance, installing monitor arms and labelling each desk according to the floor plans.

Network cables were pre-patched and dressed neatly. By completing these preparations ahead of time, Technimove streamlined the relocation process.

The Migration: From Chaos to Order

On the day of the migration, Technimove’s engineers arrived on-site well-prepared, one hour before the scheduled start. They ensured that no changes had occurred to the scope, collaborated with the client Petroineos, and then systematically decommissioned the PC users and servers.

Each piece of equipment was carefully wrapped and packed, and sign-off sheets were used to verify the collection of all items.

The equipment was securely loaded onto designated vehicles and transported to the new location via the safest and most efficient route.

Post-Migration Support: Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Technimove’s dedication didn’t end with the physical migration. On the first business working day of Petroineos, a team of Technimove engineers provided post-commissioning support. They were available on-site to address any adjustments required, troubleshoot issues, and ensure all users were comfortable with their new setups.

With their cable management expertise, Technimove impressed the Petroineos Project Manager and the entire team.

The Result: Exceeding Expectations

Technimove’s commitment to mitigating risks and executing a well-planned migration paid off handsomely. They completed the server migration three hours ahead of schedule and the PC migration an astounding four hours ahead.

Post-commissioning support was minimal due to the seamless transition.

Petroineos was thrilled with the outcome, and their project manager acknowledged Technimove’s exceptional cable management and the safe migration of their critical IT infrastructure.


Technimove’s journey with Petroineos Trading Limited showcases the power of meticulous planning, project management, and attention to detail in achieving a successful migration.

By minimising risks, ensuring thorough audits, and diligently executing each step, Technimove not only delivered beyond expectations but also created a transition that impressed everyone involved. Their expertise transformed chaos into order, leaving Petroineos with a robust and reliable IT infrastructure ready for future success.


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