The Top 5 Reasons Companies Move Data Centres

You did your due diligence on choosing a data centre 3-5 years ago and made the right choice then, but now, you’re having second thoughts!

This is often the case. The business spent time shortlisting and touring a long list of data centres to host your servers, before deciding on the right one, however, your contract is ending soon, and you have problems.

This is more common than you think. You are now faced with that question – should we stay or should we move? A server relocation is not your first choice, but may well be your best option.

Here are the 5 most common reasons why our clients decide on a server relocation.


1. Power constraints

This is the most common issue our clients have when considering a server relocation. Your power demands have increased over the course of your contract and the data centre can’t meet your current / future needs. You have no choice but to commit to a server relocation to a data centre that can accommodate your growing power needs.


2. Rising costs

You have started renewal negotiations and they are not going well! You believe the rate that your current data centre provider is quoting for your data centre space is excessive and or is out of budget. Do you stay and pay “a premium” or do you opt to move to a new data centre?

For an effective and successful server relocation it’s important to assess all costs involved.

3. Space Constraints

You might have made an acquisition or two or decided to reduce your cloud estate and now require more rack space for your estate. Your data centre provider cannot offer you the space all in one area, or nothing at all. A server relocation is maybe your best option.


4. Regulatory Reasons

Due to new regulations, you now need a server relocation to a new data centre, to be compliant. This is common with our banking and gaming clients needing to have their servers in a particular US state, or country.


5. Service Issues

It all started off well, but now it’s not! Common issues are around power outages, access issues and poor customer service. Whatever the reason is, you’re not happy and have decided on a server relocation as your best option.

Often our new clients are put off moving because they’re concerned of the impact a data centre migration project will have on their business. It is a perceived risk, when in fact it’s far more of a risk remaining where you are.

A well-planned and secure server relocation is a simple project to undertake. Over the last 25 years, Technimove have helped thousands of clients move datacentres, across 6 continents, every sector, hired cranes, chartered planes and even employed armed escorts.


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